1966-1972 | Man

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Exposition Judit Reigl, Man, Janos Gat Gallery, New York, 2008

"From February 1966, this same writing transformed itself independently of my will, or even against it, into a more and more anthropomorphic figure, a human torso. At first imperceptibly, then more and more consciously after 1970, I tried to intervene, to underline the emerging aspect of these erect bodies."
J. Reigl in catalogue Judit Reigl, Paris, Galerie Rencontres, 1973

"Reigl’s anthropomorphic writing, built on the gesture, represents the body not only as an instrument of painting, but also as its object, its model and its metaphor."
A. Berecz, in catalogue Judit Reigl, oeuvres 1961-73, Makláry Fine Arts, 2008