Letter from André Breton to Judit Reigl, 5 July 1954

Paris, 5 July

  Dear friend,

  You give me one of the greatest amazements of my life: you cannot imagine the deep and profound joy that fills me this morning. From the moment I first saw it, I knew this painting* was part of the Great Sacred, and its entry into my home is for me a solemn Sign. I would have never thought that this phrase of Lautréamont could find an image worthy of it, and I was overwhelmed by its perfect fit with the phrase, which assaulted me when I entered your home. I was afraid you might be a little bit cross with me for urging you to exhibit it (and many other paintings), but you know well it was only a surfeit of the surge of joy I felt as you showed me, one by one, your paintings. I am such that I would like all those who deserve it to share the same enthusiasm as me.
I do not know, Judit Reigl, how to explain to you what a gift you have given me. It is still too immediate, you see. You possess talents that really astound me, coming from a woman, and I believe you are in a position to achieve great things.
Let me tell you my admiration, my great emotion.

  (Unpublished handwritten letter from André Breton to Judit Reigl, 5 July 1954)

The painting Ils ont soif insatiable de l'infini (They Have an Insatiable Thirst for Infinity), 1950, oil on canvas 110 x 99 cm, Acquisition MNAM, Paris.