1993-99 | Out

What can we glean from the striking series Hors, if not a thought (a painted thought) which definitively frees itself from all conventions and body-based misunderstandings. Hors also signifies 'outside painting' – painting beyond painting. The painted thought of thought-out painting beyond painting...This gesture is so surprising that it led one critic – and not the least – in 1999 to compare Judit Reigl's works, at that time on show at the Galerie de France, 'to the great paintings of Matisse from before 1914, Danse and Musique in Moscow'. To stay with Matisse, I would add, by way of illustration of something that also takes part in a similar adventure, one in which the painted thought of painting is considered outside of painting, that Judit Reigl offers us now a meditation close to that which inspired Matisse's chapel in Vence, free of all religious and metaphysical connotations. This is no lean subject for reflection.
Marcelin Pleynet, Reigl, Adam Biro, Paris, 2001