1959-65 | Mass Writing

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exhibition: Judit Reigl - Galerie de France, Paris 2006 - P.H.Müller

"Painting is positioned through masses on a canvas. I bought a material normally used by masons – a ground black pigment that dries slowly, in depth, over the span of years, which meant that I was always working on six or eight paintings at a time. Starting from a white background, I put clumps of paint on the canvas using a flexible and rounded blade, or, sometimes, a simple wooden stick, “raising” them up from the bottom to the top of the canvas, covering the lighter colours underneath with this black pigment. I could tell immediately whether it was successful or a failure, in which case, there was no way of correcting it."
Unfolding: A Conversation Between Jean-Paul Ameline and Judit Reigl - by Sarah Hromack, Art in America international review, 04/02/09