1955-58 | Outburst

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exhibition: Judit Reigl - Galerie De France, Paris, 2006 - © P.H.Müller

  "The process of painting becomes...a physical and visceral activity. The paintings created by impulsive, spontaneous and random gestures of the body are ephemeral traces of the act of painting and of the artist’s body... The series Eclatement [Outburst], like explosive cards of the material touching the canvas, represents the confrontation between the surface and the body, the struggle that both constructs and destructs material and energy...The painting literally explodes in the pictorial field with a centrifugal motion, directing the gaze outside the frame, and the material thus exploding in every direction erases the surface hierarchy."
A. Berecz (catalogue to the exhibition Judit Reigl, années 50, Makláry Fine Arts, p.12)